Hair-pulling special exercises coach

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Shy nude trainee Elina gets tortured by her female trainer Natalie in this free movie gallery.

Nude trainee girl wears collar

The naked special exercises trainee is waiting for her trainer’s orders. You can see one more nude trainee, standing and doing nothing. Natalie puts a training collar on Elina’s neck. The trainee tries to make a stand against this but she finds herself on the floor in a moment.

Naked girl in special exercises workout

It is time for Elina to turn into an obedient female slave. She is knelt, with the training collar and has to follow Natalie, crawling on her fours (her nude ass is clearly visible). The other nude sports girl is looking at her trainer and Elina, waiting for her turn.

Special exercises + training collar

Both obedient trainees are on the floor, in knee-stand and following Natalie, who enjoys their submissive state. The full movie of Natalie breaking Elina you’ll see inside member’s area. The full review of Special Exercises will be your guide.

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