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Nude wrestler Devi Lynne gets mercilessly beaten and straponed by wild Syd Blakovich in this free photo gallery.

The tattooed aggressor in bikini off-balances her nude wrestling opponent, grappling the girl and using a scissor hold to immobilize Devi Lynne. The sexy catfight girl tries to regain her position but it’s impossible. The dominant nude wrestler is also fingering her pussy and squeezing one tit of the submissive nude girl.

The ultimatesurrender nude wrestler uses an arm lock to keep her opponent motionless and humiliated. Looks like this neck is the favorite aim of the dominant nude catfight chick, because she embraces it with her hips and even uses a chokehold. The submissive nude girl also gets her pussy attacked.

The winning nude catfight girl performs an arm lock once again, blindfolds her opponent and then strapons and fish-hooks the nude wrestling looser. Inside, you’ll find the whole naked catfight photoset and video of this furious female wrestling. In my review of Ultimate Surrender, you’ll know what else is waiting for you inside.

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