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Gyno lesbian action

Gymnastics lesbians, glam Sapphic babes, playful are a few kinds of girl-girl action, described by me in detail on the blog. But there is also a category of lesbians, missed by me but recently found and already a bit studied - gyno lesbians, i. e. the pussy doctors whose sapphism overtakes their unsuspecting patients and turns them into lesbians. So, I'm going to add a couple of medical lesbians here on a regular basis to let you enjoy this sort of lesbianism.

What will you see? First, you are invited to take part in the full gyno exams, where hairless and hairy pussies get speculum-stretched and where small and big boobs get palpated and squeezed. Then, you will become a witness of lesbian medical seduction, passionate tongue kisses, 69 licking, clitty rubbing and vagina fingering, strapon sex and first Sapphic orgasm. It is so damn fetish and lesbian that you are sure to get a kick out of checking these hot entries and photos!

Below are the posts for gyno lesbians in chronological order:

Speculum insertion and lesbian pussy licking closeups

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 1:25 am

A very embarrassed patient of a very lesbian pussy doctor

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 1:23 am

Fetish lesbian gyno examination of a hairy pussy

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 1:20 am

A pussy examined and licked by a lesbian doctor

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Katya T., Special Examination at 1:17 am

A sexy teen brunette seduced at the gyno examination

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 3:57 am

A lesbian milf over-fingering her young patient

Posted in Alexandra S., Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 3:52 am

Nipple and clitty sensitivity test by a lesbian gyno doctor

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 5:46 am

The sexy gyno doctor with a strapon

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Sasha N., Special Examination at 5:17 am

Vibro lesbian sex exam of a flexible nude brunette

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Milena T., Special Examination at 5:45 pm

Lesbian strapon sex at the gyno fetish exam

Posted in Genya, Gyno lesbians, Special Examination at 3:55 pm

A lesbian sex virgin pussy at an eccentric gyno exam

Posted in Ekaterina N., Gyno lesbians, Karina N., Special Examination at 5:41 pm

How lesbian sex flexibility helps to pass thru gyno exams

Posted in Ekaterina M., Gyno lesbians, Nelli, Special Examination at 6:48 pm

The second lesbian sex time of Xenia and Violetta – at the gyno exam!

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Special Examination, Violetta, Xenia at 7:47 pm

Seduced with a magic vibrator at the lesbian gyno exam

Posted in Diana, Gyno lesbians, Margarita M., Special Examination at 6:55 pm

How does this medical lesbian pussy taste?

Posted in Ekaterina S., Gyno lesbians, Kseniya, Special Examination at 10:09 am

Some pussies must be gyno exam checked with lesbian sex toys!

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Ksenya L., Nelli, Special Examination at 8:21 am

First gyno exam with lesbian sex in Laura’s life

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Laura N., Natalie S., Special Examination at 8:27 am

Lesbian college gyno exam where pussies get licked and toyed

Posted in Gyno lesbians, Nadia G., Nelli, Special Examination at 7:42 am

Extreme group gyno exam and lesbian sex in a bathhouse

Posted in Alena P., Gyno lesbians, Natalie S., Special Examination, Vilana at 1:41 pm

Is a gyno exam strapon more orgasmic than a sporty lesbian sex toy?

Posted in Anastasia M., Gyno lesbians, Ksenya, Special Examination at 2:42 pm

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